Together we find solutions for all problems! Whenever you need us, we are here for you! We are by your side at each step! We offer you full and customized solutions!

You and your family

Regardless of your needs, your lifestyle, your ideas or your dreams, it is essential that you feel safe and comfortable.

Your attention must always remain focused on what is most important to you. Through everything we do, we want to offer solutions tailored to both your needs and those of your family.

This comfort will make you more prepared to invest, feel secure and increase your financial protection or capital in the long run.

Your business

We provide insurance brokerage and damage assistance services. Because we know that material damage caused by fires, natural disasters, damage, accidents and terrorism can greatly affect both your market share and the value of your brand and company shares, we want to advise you.

Thus, following the solutions proposed by our consultants, you will be able to have both the fullest and the best possible coverage for damage to your property, as well as consultancy to resolve any damages as quickly and correctly as possible.

Employee benefits

Staff are one of the resources that bring challenges to companies but are also the potential engine of an organization’s work, being the force that transforms resources into goods and services.

It is the people who trigger the activity; they are also the ones who give measure to efficiency. That is why implementing customized solutions that benefit employees in your companies will make a significant impact in managing the most sensitive aspects of their involvement and loyalty.

The purpose of employee benefits is to increase their financial security and keep them with the company over time.

At each moment and with each interaction we act in your interest,
understanding your needs, providing solutions and trying to overcome expectations.


We are by your side at each step, from the identification of your needs to the implementation of the chosen solutions.


Anytime you need us, we are always by your side.

Optimal solutions.

Regardless of the complexity, we provide full customized solutions that match your needs.

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Having more than 15 years of experience in the field, we are a reference company on the Romanian market. We are happy to count in our stable portfolio more than 65.000 customers, to whom we can provide a wide range of products from more than 25 partners.

About Us


We strive to create and support excellence. We have an unwavering commitment to the professional and personal development of our team.

Through the tools and resources, we created ourselves, we continually develop our expertise, skills and professional status to provide you with the most appropriate solutions.

Solution-oriented approach

Our dynamic team has a clear vision of the business field and is always one step ahead of problems, looking to find the optimal solutions.

The optimistic work environment in our company allows our consultants to offer you the most viable solutions to help you achieve your goals.


Regardless of the changes happening around us, we are consistent in following the company’s credo, and faithful to our strategy of meeting the needs of our customers.

Our extensive experience in the field allows us to adapt to changes while always offering the most suitable solutions, tailored to Your needs.



To provide you with long-term benefits and because your satisfaction is most important to us, we have chosen the best partners with whom to develop the best services.

Based on our experience and specific needs, we have chosen for each insurance class, partners from the top insurance companies.We focus on ensuring safety.

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What is it like working here?

We, Kunden Broker offer a place of possibilities. A place where we are encouraged to challenge the conventional and get customers unique solutions.

A place where change is constant and no day is like the other. Here you will find unlimited opportunities to venture out of your comfort zone, learn, develop and improve.

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