You do not know what lies in yourself until you find out yourself!

The management of Kunden Broker emphasizes the development and consolidation of “human capital” via “team building”. The basic element which serves for “team building” are organized trips to the most attractive places in the world. The motto "Think big and you will achieve big things” shows clearly that this cannot be realized in a small frame. So it is important that our managers and consultants are constantly motivated to widen their horizons and to leave their comfort zone.


To gain new experiences and to be open-minded to new ideas involves also a change of environment. Therefore, KundenBroker organizes many Incentive trips all around the globe. Due to the large number of participants these trips offer the opportunity to establish personal contacts with colleagues (from the different regions where Kunden Broker has offices) and also to exchange experiences. Unlike travelling on your own, at our journeys you are relieved from any organizational stress, because the long-term experience of KundenBroker with these incentives trips guarantees to you a perfect performance of the trip. This is why you have more time to explore and enjoy new destinations. Regional distinctions, unforgettable impressions of these trips and the team spirit could not be experienced within private trips because they do not offer the “comprehensive framework” that you need.


Another example that demonstrates the big scale in which Kunden Broker operates is the organization of our Annual Gala. Given the fact that “the joy of success is twice as big if you share it with others”, we honor and reward the best managers of the year in front of thousands of consultants and managers at our Gala. This award does not only have the positive effect of recognizing individual performances but also officially presents “examples of the company worthy of imitation” as a motivation for the other’s success, most of them new consultants. Many companies talk theoretically about special opportunities offered by their career systems, but for us, KundenBroker, it is important to show conclusive evidence by presenting our successful consultants and managers.


Kunden Broker Annual Gala, held from 19 to 20 February 2011 at the Hilton Hotel, Sibiu, was a true success. At this special event, alongside the best managers of KundenBroker, were present also special guests: Mr. Mihai Şeitan (former Minister of Labour), Mr. Vasile Dâncu (President of the Romanian Institute of Market studies IRES), Mr. Theodor Alexandrescu (Managing Director Of Metropolitan Life Insurance S.A.). In this elite framework we celebrated together the year 2010, which was one of the most successful years in the history of Kunden Broker, with 28.2 million RON of intermediated premiums, representing an increase of 46% compared with the previous year. It was presented also the strategy for the year 2011 and the prospects for the future. More information read on


Thus everyone can individually convince him/herself that outstanding performance by using our career system is actually possible and not only a simple promise. “You do not know what lies in yourself until you find out yourself”,because the difference you make yourself, the Kunden Broker career system is offering equal chances to all the consultants and managers!