Together on top!

Day by day we are represented on the market through our consultants and managers and that is why it is naturally for us to create for them the best conditions for success in our company.

KundenBroker has developed a special system for training - an internal academy of the company - to meet the market’s continuously growing requirements. Kunden Broker’s Academy is separated into two modules: the national and the international trainings.


The national training focuses on three main areas: our potential market, our exclusive products and the chance of our consultants and managers to develop a career in KundenBroker. The national training starts for our future managers at one of our seminars. The Seminar is a two days training. Additionally we offer weekly trainings (meetings in the cities where we have opened representative offices) and monthly trainings (Monthly Success Training) at which we meet for one day in a nice hotel to exchange our experiences.


The international trainings, our managerial seminars, deal with the personal development of our managers and also with strengthening their leadership skills.


Managerial Seminar III is a three days training where there will be underlined the new responsibilities for our managers. We chose for this seminar the ideal place to spend three unforgettable days in the capital of culture and tourism of Romania-Sibiu, Continental Forum Hotel, 4 stars. Here our managers will learn all about the personal selection and management because, as you know, a successful manager has everything, less time. The right selection and the efficient use of time to achieve success is the motto for the Managerial Seminar III.


Managerial Seminar IV is a four-day training held in Hungary, in Debrecen, the second largest city in the country, famous for the charm of the medieval buildings and the curative properties of the thermal waters. To define the new responsibilities, our managers will need a special atmosphere and a comfort of five-stars offered by the luxurious Hotel Divinus. Here our managers learn everything they need in order to multiply the success since “who works alone adds, but who works in a team multiplies and achieves clearly better results”. Proper planning of the business, the performance management and the coordination of the team will be the main topics of the seminar, presented by the best managers of the company Kunden Broker.


At the Managerial Seminar V, we spend together five dream days under the african Sun, in an exotic country, that will impress through the habits and African culture, in a five stars hotel, all inclusive. The atmosphere and exceptional services will be a stimulus for accumulation and absorption of new knowledge for new positions. To reach the position V responsibilities of managers are growing, referring both to the team leadership and organization of the office. There is a difference between working alone, working in a team or leading a team to success. This is why we are expecting from every leader a clear and effective communication with the team, which is one of the most important qualities for success and development in our business. Another important subject of this seminar is how to manage an own office, as a regional representation of Kunden Broker.


Managerial Seminar VI is a training carried out over the course of seven days on the southern coast of Spain, in Marbella. Although is a modern city with spectacular beaches and sophisticated hotels - Marbella is full of history with a cosmopolitan atmosphere due to the diversity of nationalities and religions that coexist in this refined environment. In this seminar, our managers learn all about the body language. We know it from our daily life that the words of our conversational partners do not always match the reactions of the body. At the Managerial Seminar VI in Marbella we teach how our managers can identify that and through this increase their success significantly and much faster.


The Managerial Seminar VII is a one week seminar held in Chicago, USA. During this seminar the participants learn all about the secrets of top management. Top management means for us the coaching of our successful managers in order to meet their goals and to achieve personal and professional success in KundenBroker.

It will be discussed about the powers and opportunities a GeneralManager may have in our company. Chicago is one of the largest North American cities, which impresses by the diversity of attractions, stunning beaches, countless parks, as well as three of the tallest buildings in the world: Amoco Building, John Hancock Building and Sears Tower, which correspond to the responsibilities and achievements of a successful manager in the company KundenBroker.


We provide to our consultants and managers all the knowledge needed for success in the financial field, so we can continuously increase our competitive advantage on the market. The best specialists in the field are at your disposal to offer you the latest information, the most competent advice and the best examples for perfecting your career. Kunden Broker invests thousands of Euros in the first three years of the activity from the moment a person applies to a career. So you have the chance of a sustainable improvement both professionally and personally. Take advantage of this great opportunity, it will take you to the heights of success!