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What is the best fit best our customers. Under this statement we select what is best for our customers from the financial market and from the diversity of offers. For us, the Kunden Broker, the client's interest is our priority that is why we put it as our goal. Our objective is no other than to satisfy the customer with a financial plan through which we can meet his/her present and future demands. Exactly this principle guides us even when it comes to choose our partners from the financial market, partners with which we collaborate to develop new products. Together with them we develop exclusive products, specially adapted to the needs of the people in Romania, which is another proof of value, thoroughness and quality of our services.


The idea of ​​insurance is becoming more familiar to the Romanians too. Compared with other countries, the number of life or property insurances remains very small, but statistical figures show that the percentage of insurance policies concludedgrows more and more every year.


First let us understand what life insurance is and why we are determined to opt for it. Life insurance is a financial product offered by specialized companies that provide, case by case, protection – traditional life insurance and /or facilitates savings - life insurance with capital accumulation. The reasons which lead us to choose life insurance are the risks that we face every day, which may affect our ability to work or life itself. So follows a logical question: what will happen to our beloved ones? Our children are our future! What will happen with their education? This is where life insurance occurs as a way for all these worries to be taken over by an insurance company in exchange of a predetermined amount of money, through a contract signed between the insurer and insured in favor of a beneficiary or multiple beneficiaries, the object of this contract being the sum insured, which is established as an agreement between both parties, or at the request of the insured. The insured must pay during deployment of the contract a value of the insurance premium, which is determined by factors such as the amount insured, age, sex, health status, the latter being evaluated by specialists, after completing a medical questionnaire.


But what happens to our future? The pension system in Romania is very different from that in EU countries. The reason is that the Romanian state monthly spends more on the pension payments than it receives contributions. This subject is probably the most important and urgent problem that we have to solve for our financial welfare. We have to find a solution for long-term savings, so that the bad situation of the pensioners today will no longer be a problem for the pensioners tomorrow. Life insurance with capital accumulation protects the beneficiaries in the event of death, and also offers the opportunity to plan your secure future at the retirement age. Due to these investments in the years ahead you will be prepared for the expenses caused by your children’s education, their weddings and even for the time of your retirement. And if an unexpected event will prevent you from being close to your family, security features included in the insurance plans will protect your loved ones from possible financial difficulties.


Also our home, a considerable financial investment, is another concern that affects us daily. Unfortunately, due to natural disasters in Europe, many people have lost partially or totally their residences. Even in Romania, natural disasters are becoming more frequent (especially flooding). So far the state has introduced a mandatory private insurance for such events (PAID Natural Disaster Insurance Pool). Unfortunately this is not enough, because not only natural disasters threaten our homes, but also dangers of everyday life such as broken water pipes, fire or burglary. Have you ever thought about this? Here helps the optional home insurance so that our customers will be able to protect at a real value what they have achieved through lifelong work!


In Romania also the private health insurance is continuously developing. At the same time more private clinics are increasingly created in collaboration with insurance companies. These private clinics offer Romanians what always has been missing in the case of an unfortunate event: the certainty that they will be taken care of at the highest standard. Depending on the price you are ready to pay private health insurances can cover expenses for hospitalization following a serious illness, annual medical tests or surgery.


The criteria that led to the selection of the Kunden Broker’s partners were the insurer's reputation, financial stability and profitability. Thus, the partners with whom we strengthened successful  business relationships on the life insurance segment are:Allianz-Țiriac Asigurări S.A., Asigurarea Românească-Asirom Vienna Insurance Group S.A., Garanta Asigurări S.A., Generali Asigurare - Reasigurare S.A., Groupama Asigurări S.A., Societatea Metropolitan Life Asigurări S.A., Uniqa Asigurări de Viață S.A..


The partners with whom we collaborate on the non - life insurance segment are: Allianz-Țiriac Asigurări S.A., Asigurarea Românească-Asirom Vienna Insurance Group S.A., Carpatica Asig S.A., Societatea de Asigurare-Reasigurare City Insurance S.A., Credit Europe Asigurări-Reasigurări S.A., Euroins Romania Asigurare-Reasigurare S.A., Forte Asigurări-Reasigurări S.A., Generali Asigurare - Reasigurare SA, Gothaer Asigurări Reasigurari S.A., Groupama Asigurări S.A., Omniasig Vig S.A., Uniqa Asigurări de Viață S.A..

Regarding the  non - life insurances we  have designed an online platform which facilitates the intermediation activity of insurance products through the fact that the licensed managers and consultants can provide instantly to their customers appropriate solutions to their needs. Through this application the insurance policies are electronically issued, the customers portfolio is properly managed, knowing at any moment the stock of the insured policyholders, the policies due date and amounts to be collected from customers, comprehensive reports and accurate data.


Our long-term experience in finance and insurance is very helpful for us in this case. We are proud that through our exclusive products we can offer our customers flexible solutions so they can achieve their goals and fulfill their desires. Because time is money, only those who have the right information at the right time, about the current situation on the financial market in Romania, can make decisions for themselves, their family and the future.


The principle of long-term thinking guarantees to our customers a responsible and conscientious servicing and also counseling from KundenBroker during the whole duration of the product!

Our products, designed to fulfill your needs / specificity of your business (Corporate segment), are:

•mixed life insurance with advanced payment

•deferred capital insurance with return of premium in case of death and benefits for deaths resulting from accidents

•deferred capital insurance for children with return of premiums in case of death and benefits for the accidental death of the holder

•life insurances with investment program and multiple premiums (Unit Linked Insurance)

•annuities throughout the entire life span with guaranteed period

•accident and disease insurance

•life insurance without capitalization

•health insurance – serious disorders

•voluntary health insurance

•health insurance

•accident insurance

•small and medium size enterprise insurance

•insurance for road, railway, maritime and airway means of transport

•insurance against fires and other natural calamities

•mandatory residence insurance – the PAD product

•buildings and contents insurance

•other damage insurance for property

•insurance of vehicles and construction site machines

•insurance of electronic equipment

•general civil liability insurance

•transport service provider’s insurance for transported goods (CMR)

•mandatory civil liability insurance for auto vehicles (RCA)

•optional auto vehicles insurance (CASCO)

•insurance of goods throughout transport (CARGO)

•credit insurance

•deposit insurance

•insurance against financial loss

•insurance for persons in difficult situations during travels


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