Professional Training

To meet the new legislative requirements of ensuring a consistently professional education of quality for persons involved in the insurance domain, KundenBroker provides trainings for current and future consultants by KundenConference Education & Management. This company is authorized by the Monitoring Commission for Quality Professional Training within the Insurance Management Institute (IMA), an entity specialized in professional education, founded by the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF).


For thousands of years people find themselves in constant competition. This phenomenon has spread to all areas of human activities, both, personal and professional. In terms of professional competition, this became a general rule for what we call today the market economy. To exist, to survive and excel in a field, competition is an essential process for companies. They tried to find different ways and techniques to stand out among competitors from the business. According to some studies, it was found that the most productive ways to achieve success is to increase the service quality and the level of professionalism in daily performance.


In the past, in Romania the professionalism and quality of the services were not the most important elements in a company. Only lately some companies started to emphasize on professionalism, identifying the importance of this element. In 2010 the Kunden Broker company was officially designated the leader of the life insurance market. One of the factors that guaranteed this success was the strategic orientation to professionalization of the programs and the increasing of the quality of insurance intermediation services.


Also an important element in this strategy represented the qualification and specialization of the human resources of the company. In the training of managers and financial consultants of the company Kunden Broker an important role it is held by the company Kunden Conference Education & Management which is specialized in the training of management and insurance.


But to know and have our own professional behavior, we must consider what professionalism means. This is a sum of skills based on a set of values ​​of ethics and morality in business environment.The professionalism is built on the experience gained through a high level of education and professional training of an individual. A professional person is characterized by a positive and optimistic attitude in order to implement ideas and quality programs to achieve specific goals. The ultimate goal of the profession within a company is to maintain and improve the quality of the services offered.


Regarding the achievement of the professionalism in the insurance field a significant contribution is held by the financial advisor. Through the qualification and specialization in insurance and insurance brokerage, the financial consultant is engaged in an activity involving a maximum liability due to the fact that the programs provided  are representing the vital elements of human activity - protection in case of death, disability, saving for a prosperous future, education of the children, etc.. Also, a professional financial consultant must operate according to a set of ethical rules such as liability of the insurance consultant to the insurance company, responsibility to the client, the responsibility to the public in general and the responsibility to the state. In addition to all these ethical elements that a financial consultant should take into consideration, the integration of Romania into the European Union has brought so many benefits for the Romanian brokerage and new requirements to be implemented in the insurance field. For the implementation and monitoring of all these the Insurance Supervisory Commission (Financial Supervisory Authority - ASF) through the Insurance Institute of Management (Institutul de Management in Asigurari - IMA) is responsible.


Romania is found in an early position regarding the implementation of the professionalism and the quality of the services on the market economy. Based on these considerations, the big players in the Romanian economy must broaden the horizons towards Western habits of the states members of the European Union. The way that the insurance market in Romania is seen by the other EU member states, is shown in a market research regarding the European insurance field, realized by the company Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.  According to this, Romania has the highest potential in the region, both on the non-life insurance segment and on the life insurance segment. Annual average growth of gross written premiums on the local market (especially the life insurance sector) will exceed until 2017 the one in countries such as Hungary, Poland or the Czech Republic and will be well above to that recorded by Austria and Germany. This research has presented in a pragmatic and objective projection a prosperous future for the insurance market in Romania. But for this perspective to become real a continuous implementation of training and specialization of the financial advisers and managers in the insurance field is required.


In this direction, Kunden Broker de Asigurare SRL has focused on the development of strategic plans to be implemented with a high degree of professionalism and quality.To achieve these objectives it is necessary that financial consultants and managers are trained at an elite level in order to reach a specialization in insurance brokerage. For this reason, our insurance brokerage company collaborates constantly on trainings with the company KundenConference.The firm specialized in education and training in management and insurance, Kunden Conference Education& Management, certifies the need to professionalize and to aim a high standard of quality of these services provided by any company wishing to undertake a success in its field. In this direction, the people who want to work in the insurance field and also the financial advisors which are already in this field need to participate at the new training courses approved by ASF as to acquire the right to keep practicing in the chosen activity field and to acquire professional behavior that guarantees the fulfillment of the goals set.


Thus, the professionalism and quality are two advantages of any business in both the domestic and European framework. In the other hand these skills are not genetic but they have to be acquired with specialized education, training and development of the abilities, which accumulated are transformed into a piece of professional experience.


In the new concept of training is also included the e-learning module, in which future consultants will be trained at home, in a virtual classroom. Implementing this system, Kunden Conference Education & Management seeks appropriate training in an efficient way with reduced costs compared to the formal education system which requires physical presence in classrooms for the people working or wishing to work in the intermediation of insurance products. The use of this program consists in the independence offered to participants so they can manage to save money and avoid travel expenses / transport / accommodation. Through this Kunden Broker has an advantageous position in the market.