Optional pension ALL Invest

ALL Invest Program - developed by Metropolitan Life Insurance S.A. in collaboration with Kunden Broker Insurance SRL - is designed to ensure your money capitalization at the highest level of safety. At the same time, it offers the advantage of being defined by law as an insurance program! You have already realized the importance of a supplementary private pension for your future and you have chosen the best solution on the Romanian market.


A) Characterization of the pension system in Romania

B) Pillar I vs Pillar III

 it is not you who decides its amount;    it is you who decides the amount;
 is smaller than the income before retirement;    by proper planning it maintains your income level;
 the amount is not known;    the guaranteed face amount is known from the beginning;
 it is working on the principle of "redistribution";    operates on the principle of "individual contributions";
 it is not based on an individual contract;    it is strictly regulated by stable contractual terms;
 it is influenced by a continuously changing law.    


C) Mandatory private pension - Pillar II

It is obligatorily addressed to active people under the age of 35 years and optionally to those between 35 and 45 years.

D) Private pension funds and life insurance - Pillar III

Studies recently done have brought the conclusion that the income generated by mandatory pension systems (the public and private) are able to provide only about 50% of the total income necessary for a person who has ceased to work. Hence, only investments contained in Pillar III (life insurance according to Law 32/2000 - with guaranteed benefit or unit-linked products, respective optional investment funds according to Law 204/2006) will be able to generate an adequate income to the pensioners. Among all these, however, the All Invest product is categorically distinguished through its consistent advantages.

More precisely, ALL Invest program offers you the following benefits for a proper implementation of a rent according to your needs:


ADVANTAGE I- Professional management of funds at the highest level of safety – The remarkable investment results achieved over the years by Metropolitan Life Insurance S.A. for the assets managed are an eloquent proof of the company's professionalism and their continued concern for obtaining an optimal report between security and profitability for its clients.
Thus, according to the law, financial resources are targeted to investments with the highest level of security: bonds issued by the Romanian State and deposits with the most solid banks in the country. ALL Invest technique offers a long-term fixed interest rate of 3.5% per year (included in the guaranteed face amount at your contract maturity), while profits from other investments on the market are on a decreasing course. Additionally, during periods when the performance of the market is higher than the minimum guaranteed interest rate, customers can achieve a guaranteed benefit which exceeds the guaranteed interests. The Guarantee Fund, founded in 1995 by ASF (Financial Supervisory Authority), is another guarantee for the benefits of the ALL Invest program. Not at least, Metropolitan Life Insurance S.A. rewards the loyalty of its customers, so everyone who pays until the contract maturity is provided in addition to the guaranteed face amount also with a consistent bonus (equal to 10% of the guaranteed face amount of the contract held).


ADVANTAGE II- private pension - You have already realized that the changes made ​​in the legislation of this domain, through further raise of the retirement age, reduction of the active part of the population and increasing the number of people retiring, your future value of the state pensions mostly will not cover all your needs as you want. ALL Invest gives you an extra concrete income through its uniqueness and through an investment in a maximum security capital spending, where investment is regulated by the law. It means a big step ahead of many others to start already from today on to build up your extra income, through a contract with Metropolitan Life Insurance S.A. from KundenBroker,
At the end of the optimal accumulation period of 20 years you have two possibilities: first - to withdraw your amount saved plus additionally realized earnings, through one of the six methods described below, or the second option - to further invest in 

Metropolitan Life Insurance S.A. your saved funds, until the age of retiring from your activity. Leave the opportunity to your capital to maximize its value over time and later you will choose a way to receive your money, choosing one of the options below:

 Payment of capital in one installment;

 Payment of capital in specified rates;

 Payment of capital in rates in a specified period;

 Life annuity;

 Guaranteed life annuity for a certain period;

 Life annuity with the option of transfer (the life partner receives after decease of the customer 60% of its rent, also paid for life).

Whatever decision you will take, the contractual flexibility offers you full control of your financial future!


ADVANTAGE III- Accumulation is guaranteed, even in a situation in which you no longer have the possibility to continue paying premiums. The ALL Invest program provides that in case of a total and permanent loss of your ability to work caused by an accident, the payment of the premiums will be done ​​by Metropolitan Life Insurance S.A. until the maturity of the contract, or until you will regain your ability to work. Therefore, the capitalisation process in order to obtain the desired additional income will continue uninterrupted, also in case of occurrence of unpleasant events.


ADVANTAGE IV - Annuity for the whole family - In case of a tragic event - decease of the insured person - those designated as beneficiaries (spouse, parents, children...) will retrieve the premiums paid to that date. 
If the tragic event is a result of an accident, the persons designated as your beneficiaries are provided also with a private annuity: the total amount of the investment fund, available for the family in this case the tripled guaranteed face amount plus earnings resulted during this period by one of the options mentioned above.

According to the six types of payment, ALL Invest provides to the successors, in this tragic situation, an individual annuity which ensures the cover of the additional needs of everyone.
The benefits presented by Advantage III and Advantage IV come into force starting with 00.01 of the following day of the premium payment and are valid anywhere in the world if a risk occurs (according to contractual terms).


ADVANTAGE V- When changing currency in Romania from RON to EURO, ALL Invest will be converted from RON to EURO, according to Romanian legislation and will come into force immediately in the same conditions. In addition, you will receive from the beginning on an increased guaranteed amount, paying a sum indexed by 3% each year.


Kunden Broker through ALL Invest guarantees you a concrete and safe rent, for an unsafe future!