Kunden Broker Prizes

The company Kunden Broker is characterized by a continuous dynamic. Since its foundation in 2005, KundenBroker has set some clear strategic objectives. Due to the accelerated evolution, the company currently enjoys a complete success. One of the main objectives of the company was reached in 2010 – the company Kunden Broker became the market leader in the life insurance broker industry.

The road to success of the company Kunden Broker was recognized and awarded by the major entities of the insurance business in Romania and by the core of the company KundenBroker – the client. As a leader of the segment of life insurance intermediation, the company was noted in the collective mentality through the professionalism and the quality of the protection programs. Thus, during these ten years, Kunden Broker gathered numerous appreciations (photos) which confirm its professional development in the business environment in Romania.


For the next consecutive year, within the Insurance Brokers Awards Gala, the company Kunden Broker was awarded with the most coveted trophy in the insurances field – The Special Award for Contribution to the Development of Life Insurance. Each year, this award is given to the company which developed a sustained activity in consultancy and intermediation by promoting high standards in customer service and also in the relation with the insurers. At this prestigious event, held in Bucharest on February 12, 2013, the leading players in the insurance market got together in order to present the conclusions of the profile market analyzes and also to reward the performance of the best professionals in the field. We are very proud of the recognition of our value in the market and we are pleased that our efforts have been rewarded with high-value distinction.


The award of excellence in life insurance” – The insurance broker company - Kunden Broker de Asigurare achieved the award and the trophy for Excellence in Life Insurance within the Insurance Brokers Awards event organized by the Xprimm magazine. The Gala realized by the specialized magazine took place on February 9, 2012 in one of the most recognized locations in Bucharest - Fratelli Studios. The event was attended by over 300 leaders from the insurance broker business and professionals from the insurance industry in Romania, the main aim being rewarding the performances of the most important players on the local brokerage sector. The company Kunden Broker won the most sought-afterprize of the evening – The Award for Excellence in Life Insurance and Trophy for Excellence in Life Insurance. For the intermediation company this distinction represents the official recognition of the performances during 2011, coming as a confirmation of the maximum strengthening of its leading status in the life insurance segment.


,,Leader Top Profit Romania 2011" - within the Top Profit Companies in Romania established by the online platform www.listafirme.ro, the company Kunden Broker reached the first place in Top Profit Romania for the Cluj County (photo). According to this ranking of the companies with registered offices in the county of Cluj, Kunden Broker occupied the first place according to the financial statements reported in this business field in the previous years. The diploma (photo) is the result of exceptional performances achieved by the company during 2010.




,,Leader Top Profit Romania 2010" - the company Kunden Broker was ranked on the first place in Top Profit Romania for the Cluj county. These two prizes obtained consecutively by KundenBroker formally illustrate the positive financial evolution of the company. The official recognition of the financial power is an important feature in order to maintain and develop the activities of promoting the intermediation services of Kunden Broker’s managers and financial consultants. The diploma crowns the financial success that Kunden Broker de Asigurare registered in 2009, in a context of economic crisis.



 ,, Leader of the life insurance broker market" - within the eleventh edition of the Insurance Market Awards realized ​​by the specialized magazine PRIMM the company Kunden Broker obtained the first prize among the insurance brokers in Romania as a reward for the volume of the intermediated premiums in 2010. According to the official data from the ASF report, the insurance broker company Kunden Broker was nominated the leader of the life insurance market for 2010. The quality and the professionalism of the services offered by the company KundenBroker were officially recognized as the elite programs in the life insurance environment (photo).


,,The broker with the biggest growth" - The Gala for the Kunden Broker Awards was organized between the 19th and 20th of February 2011 at the Hilton Hotel in Sibiu. The event was an opportunity to celebrate the most successful year in Kunden Broker’s company history, this being recognized also by the insurance company Metropolitan Life Insurance S.A. Metropolitan Life Insurance S.A. handed over to Kunden Broker the diploma for sustainable increase of productivity for 2010. This is also strengthening the fruitful partnership that is developed between the company Kunden Broker and our partner Metropolitan Life Insurance S.A.



,,The diploma of excellence in insurance" - this diploma was given to our insurance broker company within the Kunden Broker Gala of 2009 by one of the main collaborators of the company - Metropolitan Life Insurance S.A. The distinction was awarded for the performance in production growth for 2009. KundenBroker is sure that this distinction was received due to the clear market positioning and applying of the unique team spirit and high quality and client oriented counseling.




,,Broker with the most sustained growth" - is one of the most important qualifications obtained by the company KundenBroker in 2008. This was awarded by the Financial Market (Piaţa Financiară) magazine on behalf of the Metropolitan Life’ s company for a partnership based on quality and performance. This distinction represents the recognition of the successful collaboration between the company Kunden Broker de Asigurare and Metropolitan Life Insurance S.A. Also, by this distinction certifies the professional and consequent spirit which the company Kunden Broker applies to the partnership with Metropolitan Life Insurance S.A.



,,Special Award" - the recognition of the laborious work of the company Kunden Broker through its managers and financial consultants was materialized in the Special Prize awarded by the Primm magazine  and the online platform 1asig.ro, within the eighth edition of the Insurance Market Awards Gala 2007, one of the most wished-for events of the year, where are awarded the prizes for the best insurance company and the best broker. These awards that give to the companies a significant reputation and thus prove the quality and professionalism of the services were expected with great emotion. For us it was a real joy because among all brokers in the market KundenBroker was chosen for the SPECIAL AWARD 1asig offered to the best known and most appreciated broker on the market for 2007. You could see the confirmation of our clearly stated and defined strategy, the compliance of our values: ​​professional, solutions oriented and consequent. For Kunden Broker this distinction meant a growth in awareness and recognition for the quality and reliability of services offered on the market.