Kunden Broker brand care strategy

“The brand for a company is like the reputation for a person"


In a society where progress brings a high degree of unpredictability is difficult to create a persistent stability. The changes in the behavior of individuals and social groups produce a steady stream of changes in all social areas. The economy, culture, education are characterized by this strong dynamics that brings the social development. For example, in economics, the main capital market entities - corporations and companies are directed to the process of keep-up to fit in the parameters established by the consumer society. The ways these economical actors keep up with changes are especially focused on originality and innovation.

The brand care strategy is one of the most innovative techniques that Kunden Broker uses to be remarkable among the consumer market and the competitive market. This concept is closely connected with the idea of ​​brand and involves a constant loyalty and a high degree of attention that we grant to our customer, which is positioned at the centre of our actions. The major interest of a brand is to create that type of customized solutions approach based on providing services to meet perfectly the needs of the target audience.
But to understand the brand strategy of our company is necessary to know the meaning of a brand and of the image of a brand in economy.


I.1. What is a brand?

“A product is created in a factory; a brand is bought by consumers. A product may be copied by competitors; a brand is unique. A product could rapidly become old; a successful brand is ageless.” Stephen King, WPP, London. This represents the global symbol, all the ideas and representations created ​​in time and based both on objective information and the emotional reactions that the public has about a company. For example, a company's brand image refers to aspects of origin, identity image (logo, slogan, colors), price, distribution and promotional channels, notoriety, etc. Most often, the brand is based on a well defined identity with a significant visibility among a defined market segment, being delimited from the competition through innovation and originality.

If, in the recent past, companies have created a brand in order to sell, now they are very clear about  developing the brand image on the right market – which is either one already made ​​with existing and well-defined demand either to create demand developing a new niche. Whatever the option, the design of a program starts from the needs and desires of the customers. There are several qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis of consumer behavior, aiming to an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics that determines the consumers to purchase programs or services and the ways in which their decision may be influenced.

One of the basic tasks of a brand is to be different (company, program or service) from the competition. Differentiation is based on the concepts of singularity, originality innovation which creates in the mind of a potential customer the perspective of the uniqueness of the program on the market.


I.2. Which are the elements that identify the Kunden Broker brand?

With reference to the image of the Kunden Broker brand it must be identified one issue: what does the image of the brand means for a person? Each individual forms its own picture of a company based on the influence of some factors; this perception is often changed. Therefore, the perceptions regarding the same company perceived by two individuals can be totally different.

Up to present, our company has become market leader in life insurance brokerage. With experience of more than six years in the area of ​​life and non-life insurances, we, the Kunden Broker team, we have gradually built an innovative and unified image to the public. Because of the strengthening and positioning in the consumer's mind as time goes on as one of the largest companies in insurance brokerage, we have become a brand in the insurance brokerage.

The concept of the KundenBroker brand includes a series of attributes that are implemented in the promotion and communication strategies of the company with the target audience. Professional, focused on solutions and consistent is our core ideas in building the brand image.

Also, the main elements that give a visual identity of the KundenBroker brand are:

The name: Kunden Broker - is the combination of two key terms in the company’s activity. Borrowed from German language, the word “kunden” means “client” and “broker'” is a borrowed word to the Romanian language and means “brokerage agent”. The association of the two terms expresses the core of the insurance activities of our company – the customer.

The logo: It is built from the company name associated with a graphic design that represents a slightly curved line under which is the slogan of the company. The color scale of the logo keeps the base colors of our company (black, red, grey) and the simple design projects in the consumer's mind the idea of uniqueness, safety and protection.

The slogan: We care for your future” expresses the Kunden Broker mission to ensure the future of its customers. As expressed in an international language, English, the slogan places the company in the European insurance area, bringing a plus of western professionalism to our work.


The name of our company “Kunden Broker”, the logo consisted of the three colors and the slogan “We care for your future” have been registered on the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (Oficiul de Stat pentru Invenţii şi Mărci - OSIM) from the 19th of October 2005, which emphasizes our status as a brand and our orientation to the uniqueness and originality in the insurance mediation market in Romania.

From this unitary set of visual brand identity, we aim to create a communication strategy to familiarize the customer with the new concept of the Kunden Broker brand. However, the objectives of the strategy are reflected both on the increasing of the customer confidence in our services and also on the turning into a loyal customer who will understand our commitment to him/her. The mission of this brand strategy is to create a sense of belonging of the customer through the loyalty of the connection between the brand and the customer and between the brand and the target group.


I.3. The strategic characteristics of the programs and services offered by the Kunden Broker brand

Knowing the subject of the brand care strategy and what is the concept of a brand, the next step is to find the answer to the question: By what is developed the Kunden Broker brand?

The implementation and promotion of products with deficiencies in the quality, resulting from the failure of professionalism and whose objectives do not follow consumer needs, not only attracts negative economic consequences, but also a decrease in the customer’s confidence in the company's brand. Therefore, between the quality of service packages and a company's brand image exists a closely connection, their prestige being identified with “the reputation” of the company. The relationship between a company's brand and its programs must be understood as a reciprocal binding.

The image of a brand brings a series of benefits to the programs and services of the company:

→ show originality and uniqueness of the program

→ ensure its quality

→ confirms the confidence shown by clients for the services of the company

→ stimulates the demand and the sales (between the services of a reputable company and competition, the consumer always prefers brand services)

→ contributes to the development of fair and professional competition

→ stimulates improving the quality of the programs for the companies

→ ensures the company's commitment to quality.

As a leader in life insurance brokerage, we, the Kunden Broker company we have developed constantly the exclusively set of insurance programs and services to fit to the professional-quality standards of the brand.

The insurance services provided by Kunden Broker are characterized by:

→ Exclusiveness- life or non-life insurances have elements that customize the insurance programs in comparison with the competition’s programs.

→ Tradition- although the company has implemented processes and new concepts to the insurance programs, the programs continue to keep certain principles that give them originality since 6 years ago.

→ Unity- all the offers of the company converge to an entity.

→ Safety- a very important factor in the development and in increasing the confidence in our company. We are achieving this with the close collaboration with the most important insurance companies in Romania. Metropolitan Life Asigurari S.A. and Generali România Asigurare Reasigurare S.A. are our main partners in creating our insurance programs.

→ Originality.

→ Diversity - Kunden Broker offers both life insurance packages and non-life insurance packages.

→ Professionalism- both services offered to our customers and to our financial consultants and also the insurance packages are based on a high level of professionalism.


I.4. Target audience and the customer profile of the Kunden Broker’s company

Our company is a market leader in the field of life insurance brokerage. Company's programs and services are the essential elements of the brand concept, which can address to a default segment.

Our company addresses to an exclusively segment of the people in Romania who have specific qualities. The Kunden Broker’s customer profile:

→ A balanced person from the financial point of view, that has a residence in Romania

→ With secondary and higher education, open minded for professional advice

→ A person who puts considerable emphasis on quality in the expense of quantity

→ Entrepreneurial spirit that pays great attention to the family and its future

→ Concerned person with the safety of its own home

→ Has a lot of information, being up to date with the news from the field of interest

→ Focused on obtaining solutions regarding the financial stability in the future.

Given this typology of the client of the company Kunden Broker it is necessary to analyze its expectations in order to facilitate the brand care approach.


I.5. The loyalty strategy through brand care

Within the innovative technology as a brand, the central axis is the customer and the customer’s loyalty, having as target the determining of a loyal character to our brand. Regarding the applicability of such techniques, the company Kunden Broker lays the foundation of the principles of quality management. One of these principles is the orientation on the customer. It is true that between companies and the target audience there is a reciprocal relationship. For this reason, companies must:

→ Understand current and future customers needs

→ Meet customer requirements

→ Take care about exceeding the client’s expectations.

Our company, represented by financial consultants recognizes the importance of analyzing the individual customer needs and expectations. They are the ones who evaluate the offer of the services and programs according to financial advisers - the ambassadors of the company which should reflect the brand image. In this position, our consultants are characterized by a highly qualified and professional approach, good interpersonal skills, communication skills, positive attitude, good knowledge of the products offered, etc.

Thus, within our brand strategy there are several steps to determine the phenomenon of customer loyalty:

→ Discovering the way that customers think, what they want and what they need and the factors that cause them to remain loyal to the brand. For this reason, we constantly realize surveys in the target segment to find answers regarding the satisfaction of our clients concerning the programs and the services of the company, through the careful guidance of the Romanian Institute for Assessment and Strategy (IRES - Institutul Român pentru Evaluare și Strategie), headed by Mr. Vasile Dâncu.

→ Getting continuously and promoting the feedback from the client (post-purchase). We have initiated some communication channels to encourage the direct relationship with the customers in both directions, having as a strategic objective the actively collection of the feedback from them.

→ Using advanced technologies to gather, manage and analyze the customers feedback.

→ Actively measuring and monitoring the commitment and loyalty of the customers. The customers are constantly provided with increasingly attractive offers. If the client sees a service that creates interest, it will feel the need to replace the brand. To combat this, KundenBroker is regularly monitoring the satisfaction and loyalty of customers in order to identify the factors that change consumer behavior.

→ Creating a company's values system, focused on client.

→ The continuous process of the management of public communication in order to analyze and improve its efficiency. The needs, desires, complaints and customer issues are permanently changing. For this reason, it is important for us to communicate continuously and to analyze and anticipate the client’s reactions.This way we will provide new ideas for the services and programs to better fit their needs.


Applying the principle of focus on the customer in our brand strategy that we develop leads to:

→ finding and understanding customer needs and expectations;

→ ensure that our objectives are connected to customer needs and expectations;

→ dissemination of customer needs and expectations within our company;

→ measuring customer satisfaction in terms of results;

→ the systematic management of the relationship with the customer.

The brand of the company Kunden Broker de Asigurare SRL is in continuous development, requiring an orientation to quality and professionalism. Given this, we have as main objective of our strategy the customer loyalty through a new brand care approach. Establishing transparent communication panels with our target segment and the improvement of the ways of approaching the public are the key points in our evolution as the number one brand in the insurance brokerage.