Kunden Broker - 10 years that make a difference

Since 1989, when the borders of Europe were opened, the financial market has changed a lot in the former communist eastern bloc countries. These changes determined a rebirth for many brokers and financial advisers who have identified this opportunity in Romania, too. That is why they intended to use the opportunity of a new market, a developing one. Unfortunately the reality is a little different, meaning that most of these companies did NOT USE the chance offered by the market, but only wanted to EXPLOIT the ignorance of people. Putting on the first place their own profit, they have neglected the interests of the customers. This unpleasant situation created the opportunity of forming the first brokerage company in Romania, to achieve a win-win situation for all participants. This means that those who win are: the client, the consultant / manager and naturally also the company. The customer needs are becoming more and more elaborate and his interest towards insurance products is much higher than in previous years. This strategy, which focuses on long-term success and not on short-term profits, demonstrated in the retrospective of the last ten years, to be the most correct one.


First of all, in the period 2005 - 2006, KundenBroker focused on developing the company's headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, and strengthen its presence in Transylvania. Then, between 2007 and 2008, we continued strategic development in the Moldova region, one of the regions with the greatest potential in Romania. And at last but not least, beginning with 2009-2010, we also started to develop the south of the country. In 2011 we continued this development and preparing, intending for the future to make our presence known also across the Romanian borders ... In addition to our clearly defined strategy another important pillar is the existence of a dynamic management which has created a strong administration of the company. Our best results in permanent growth have been achieved especially due to the fact that all decisions were taken very quickly at the right place and they have been implemented exactly right on "the scene", here in Romania. In many companies, the decision makers are not in touch with the pulse of the market and thus identifying the best strategy became difficult. Unlike these companies, Kunden Broker has developed and accumulated work experience of everyday life, being in direct contact with the changes that have occurred in the economic, legal field or changes in the customer needs and attitudes towards the products of insurance. Emphasis on training sales force from 2011 is another aspect that has helped in creating a strategic advantage for Kunden Broker – the insurance consultants of Kunden Broker being the first in the market that have successfully completed the licensing examination, requested by the Institute of Management in Insurances (Institutul de Management in Asigurari - IMA). All these corroborated for Kunden Broker to better understand the market and lead to higher probability of taking the right decisions.


A relevant indicator that shows the development and the size of our company are the Incentives organized by us and our annual Galas. We held our first gala in 2006, in a small, almost familiar frame, so that in 2010 we had the honor to welcome our guests in the great ceremonial hall of the Hotel President Târgu Mureş. However, you can see that all of us, the founders of this company, which appear in the group photo of the 2006 Gala, find ourselves also in the group photo of the 2010 Gala. This reflects very well and reinforces the company's long term strategy, especially since nothing in this business is by chance! We are aware of the fact that the results and successes over the past ten years obtained by Kunden Broker provide a foundation also for you, so you can start with us in 2015 to reach number one among the brokers on the financial market in Romania. For this we wish you good luck! Kunden Broker Team.