House insurance ALL Casa

Due to changing climate in the last years happened increasingly more natural disasters in Europe, disasters that have affected us all and are threatening our "home" and our loved ones. These are dangers that we rarely encountered in previous years, but which are now permanent and unexpected threats for us and our families. 

The Romanian state also has been aware of this danger so it founded the PAID. PAID – the Pool of Disaster Insurance is an insurance-reinsurance association formed by insurance companies authorized to purchase obligatory house insurances as required by the Law 260/2008. All the house and apartment owners in Romania are obliged to conclude a binding policy PAD (PAD - the name of the policy issued by PAID) starting from July 15, 2010. For owners of houses and apartments, the risks covered by PAID are as follows:

1.)    Earthquakes

2.)    Landslides

3.)    Floods as a natural phenomenon

With a face amount of that covers up to 10,000 Euro or up to 20,000 Euro (depending on the type of building construction). Have you thought by now what this means specifically for this mandatory housing reform?



The question now is whether the face amount of 20,000 Euro or 10,000 Euros and the three risks covered by the PAID (earthquakes, landslides and floods as a natural phenomenon) are enough to protect our homes from all the risks?


We from KundenBroker studied and analyzed the market to understand better our customer’s needs and elaborated the optimum and exclusive solution together with the best insurance companies as partners. Therefore, we from Kunden Broker decided to offer a home insurance with extended coverage based on our results from the market analysis. This optimum, exclusive house insurance, exclusive and tailor-made for the customer needs, with expanded coverage of risks is named ALL Casa and was elaborated together with Generali Asigurari SA.


Through this unique and exclusive house insurance - ALL Casa with expanded coverage, we can now offer our clients additional and necessary assurance for the risks below with a face amount corresponding to the real value of your building.

Flexa (Fire, lightning, explosion, falling aircraft and space vehicles, struck by vehicles, smoke, gas or vapor, the expense required for demolition, evacuation and transportation);

+ Natural calamities (Earthquakes, floods and silt, landslide, atmospheric phenomena including hail, weight of the snow);

+ Additional Risks (Damage caused by water due to damaged equipment, burglary, robbery, acts of vandalism / theft or damage during the robbery).

+ Risks of third-party liability (Damage caused to third parties (neighbors) by fire or explosion at the insured location).

+ Civil liability arising from ownership of the building (The accidental breaking of hydraulic, plumbing or heating, accidental fall of trees, snow and ice causing damage to third parties (nearby locations)).

+ Family liability risks (Damage caused to other persons that are present on the site of the insured location by accidents, poisoning, injuries to the human body).

+ Cancellation Insurance (Compensation of vacations, trips, holidays, in case of one of the events mentioned above).


ALL Casa is the optimum combination between quality and price.



ALL Casa, through Generali Asigurari SA, guarantees optimum protection for your home at the best quality-price ratio.

We guarantee that Kunden Broker de Asigurare SRL together with Generali Asigurari SA will do the best to meet your expectations for the future.