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We, KundenBroker, found an increased need of the population to supplement the range of programs and medical services for health care, by signing voluntary health insurance programs. The tendency of people to turn to the private health insurance system has arisen because of the justified need to benefit from quality services and to compensate for deficits in public administration system, which became increasingly evident.


We are all active people and interact permanently with a risky environment: travelling a lot, we are involved in various demanding activities; our children go to camps or study abroad. The risks that surround us are affecting us more and more and becoming increasingly diverse. Whether it is about disease, road traffic, the mutation of influenza viruses or volcanic eruptions, these risks affect our daily lives. We have a responsibility for both, ourselves and our children to realize the need for quality medical services as a certainty of our reality. Regardless of age or sex, we all need doctors and quality health programs and services that we can rely on. Some countries have anticipated the need of the people to care for the optimum parameters of their status of health and have already initiated reforms of the health system. U.S. health reform has already started and some European countries have followed this example.


Kunden Broker Insurance SRL, a specialist on the market of financial services, expects in the Romanian medical system a reform similar to that undertaken in the private pension system, namely the voluntarily, personalized medical services. Benefits of voluntary health programs are numerous:

→ Can be customized to your needs

→ Through the acquisition of a voluntary health insurance program, you become the holder of a personal contract and you are the unique beneficiary of it

→ These programs are currently available so you can start your own health care reform and you can gain independence in the health domain.


KundenBroker recommends you a voluntary health insurance program, ALL Med, through which you can compensate for the deficiencies in the existing medical system and reduce the potential costs resulting from the intention of the Ministry of Health to introduce the co-payment system.  The insurance program ALL Med, exclusively provided by 

Metropolitan Life Insurance S.A. for SC Kunden Broker SRL, includes a health component, described below. ALL Med is tax deductible according to Law 571/2003, the Tax Code, Art Article 21 (3), up to the value of 250 euro annually. This is a clear sign from the Romanian state that thevoluntarily promoted programs like ALL Med are absolutely necessary! ALL Med, addressed to the persons with an age from 18 to 64 years, offers a wide range of insurance options, being  designed in four exclusive packages (Standard, Active, Plus and Complete), each one with two variants of insurance (Silver and Gold), depending on individual needs:


Package ALL Med - Standard:

The project proposed by the Health Ministry regarding the introduction of the co-payment system reveals that the highest unforeseeablecosts are the ones from hospitalization. This is why the Standard package was designed to offer you in case of hospitalization, caused by  an accident[1], an allowance of 50 RON (Silver) / 100 RON (Gold) per day of hospitalization[2], so you can focus on recovering.


Nobody knows what the future brings, so that is why the Standard packageoffers additional protection for seven critical diseases[3]: cancer, heart attack, stroke, vascular surgical intervention for aorta-coronary bypass surgery, kidney failure, blindness, transplantation of major organs / bone marrow, so you will be financially protected and you will be able to afford the best possible treatment, without thinking about the costs. Optionally, you can benefit from a financial protection of 10,000 RON (Silver) / 20.000 RON (Gold)  in the situations described above. 


Package ALL Med - Active:

After a period of hospitalization, most often health is not immediately at the highest level, so the Active Package offers in addition to the advantages of the Standard Package a compensation for convalescence for the days after hospitalization according to the option, respectively  25 RON (Silver) / 50 RON (Gold) per day for the double number of days for which you have been hospitalized.

In the case of surgery[4] caused by an accident  the Active Package offers you an assured  amount of up to 1,000 RON (Silver) / 2.000 RON (Gold), depending on which option you chose and the difficulty of the intervention.


Package ALL Med - Plus

Hospitalization may be necessary because of illness. ThePlus Package offers in addition to the Standard Package the possibility to forget about your financial problems, so you can concentrate on the treatment. Depending on the option you have chosen, you will receive an allowance for hospitalization due to accident or sickness of 50 RON (Silver) / 100 RON (Gold) per hospitalization day5.

Studies have shown that bone material reduces from the 30th year of life, which means that in case of a fall, the danger of fractures is increased. In this case the Plus Package helps you with protection against the risk of accidental fractures6  and accidental burns, according to the option you have chosen, up to 4,000 RON (Silver) / 8.000 RON (Gold), benefiting in this way from a financial compensation in case of the event of the insured risk, so you can recover optimally.


Package ALL Med- Complete:

This package is truly unique and offers optimum protection for your health. In addition to the protection offered by the Plus Package, the Complete Packageprovides coverage for the risk of surgery in case of accident or illness, for an assured amount of up to 1,000 RON (Silver) / 2.000 RON (Gold).

An additional benefit that transforms the CompletePackage into a unique one is Telediagnostic – a second medical opinion7, which means, in this case that you can send your test results to the best clinics in the United States of America for reassessment, free of charge, and receive confirmation / rejection of diagnosis and recommendations for treatment if diagnosed with a serious illness. Thus, you will have the opinion of the best specialists in the world, which adds a unique benefit to the Complete Package!


One thing is certain: no one can guarantee his/her health, but with the best care you can at least assure your financial health and the one of your family. Kunden Broker through the variety of options of ALL Med offers you the best care for you and your family.

Take the right decision and choose today ALL Med!


[1]The benefits are offered according to the General Terms of Insurance

[2]The first three days of hospitalization will be excluded from the claims under the Insurance Conditions

[4]6 % (percent) of the sum insured as in the General Insurance Conditions

3,5,7  benefits are provided under the Insurance Conditions