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Generali Insurances. A name with a long tradition of quality service, tradition enriched daily with every completed policy.

Always when you choose an insurance company it is good to consider the history, the reputation and the guarantees which this company will bring into the partnership with you. Thus, you will enjoy the safety, quality of service and eventually the comfort that you made the best choice. Given these characteristics, we are delighted to collaborate with the company Kunden Broker on creating and developing the exclusively insurance programs for the people in Romania.

With a history dating back to 1831 and labeled "one of the leading providers of financial services and insurance in the world", we bring trust and confidence to our over 60 million customers.

The values ​​that we were accompanied by until today are the clear vision, an ambitious and long-term business plan, good development of the culture of insurance, the ability to cope with the changes and the strategic thinking, which is essential in this field. All these are transformed through a high competence of the services you receive as a customer.


Generali Group in facts and figures

→ We are the third largest insurer in Europe and a leader of the insurance sector worldwide.

→ Currently, our business covers 65 countries on five continents, bringing together 476 consolidated subsidiaries.

→ 84,000 employees and over 270,000 consultants are ready at any time to respond to any request.

→ 60 million customers, 69 billion euro of gross written premiums.


Generali in Romania

In Romania, the history of Generali is as impressive as in the world:

→ We started here in 1835 with the establishment of our first branch in the largest commercial city of the time, Braila.

→ The communist period meant for us an interruption of activity in Romania, but we have returned in 1993, offering a wide range of general insurance products.

→ We give the same importance to our customers, be they natural or legal persons.

→ We are waiting for you with all kinds of insurances and expert advice, through our over 90 agencies and branches across Romania!