With the freedom of an entrepreneur and the safety of an employee!

The entry into the European Union has brought many changes on the financial market in Romania. We could observe that in the last years our government planned many reforms, some of which have been implemented already. It became clear that in order to meet the guidelines of the European Union the state will leave the Romanian citizens free hands in choosing their future partners for pension and health security. That means that everyone has to take over this big responsibility and try to find the best solution for him/herself. But due to the fact that not every citizen of Romania is a specialist in the financial field and has knowledge about financial safety, the profession of a legally approved financial consultant is more and more required. That’s why this activity has been clearly regulated by the law in this year and Kunden Broker is one of the first companies on the market that adapted its system exactly to this new legal requirements.


Based on our long term experience, KundenBroker managed to develop an attractive career system that provides to our consultants and managers with outstanding performances, both, financial incentives and professional fulfillment. The turning point in our career plan is the fact that we implemented a system which is characterized by mutual advantages for the new people who choose this activity and experienced managers who are already practicing this profession for a long time in Kunden Broker. The new people can benefit financially and professionally from an interesting and stimulating activity, with a flexible working program and professional trainings. During this activity they can create, with the support of our experienced managers, an important portfolio of clients, which will assure them a constant financial reward. If they decide that this activity fits to their personal aims, their personality and that they have natural abilities to communicate with people, then they can build a long term career as a manager, improving their management skills through specialized trainings. The profession of a financial consultant is more and more needed in this economical environment, because people around the world have to find optimal solutions for their own financial needs and those of their families. This concept of the system means success and development for a long term period. The satisfaction and stability of our consultants can be observed by the results achieved. Considering every day as a new challenge and improving the professional and personal qualities permanently is one of the most important conditions for the success of Kunden Broker’s professional managers.


To ensure the continuous development of the qualities of the company’s consultants and managers, Kunden Broker has developed a special academy that supports exactly the career plan according to the education required by law and by the insurance business. Therefore Kunden Broker selected Kunden Conference Education & Management as a partner for the trainings of all the consultants and managers of our company. The training company was authorized by (Management Institution in Insurance) IMA to do the professional trainings and preparations for the candidates which allows them to analyze the financial needs of the clients and recommend from a variety of offers on the market, a specific solution for a more secure financial future. Additionally Kunden Conference Education & Management trains periodical the company’s managers that have already obtained this license to assure that their knowledge is up to date with the latest modifications of the law, which regulates this field and with the latest communication and management techniques. By applying this efficient system and education strategy Kunden Broker has gained the top position on the Romanian life insurance market in the year 2010.


If you want to turn your dreams and wishes into concrete and realistic targets and then to realize these targets in a limited period of time, then you’ve reached the right place, because here your career is determined by a person you know already for a long time! This person is not your boss, are not your parents or your life partner, this person is yourself! In Kunden Broker, you decide how much of your precious time you want to invest and how much income you want to achieve, simply by the motto: “With the freedom of an entrepreneur and the safety of an employee!” This is precisely why we keep searching for open minded persons, performance oriented future managers with good communication abilities, with a positive attitude and enthusiasm. If you consider yourself characterized by these qualities, please apply now for your future profession!, Financial Consultant!