Financial Advisor Career

We are sure that before you decide to turn to this profession, you have faced with some of the most common questions that arise on the road of becoming an entrepreneur:


Who can choose a career as a Financial Consultant?

In short, a financial consultant offers advice on financial matters, and what might go through your mind is that you need experience in this field. This is really an advantage in any field of activity, but many companies recruit people without any previous experience, carrying on their in-house training, in line with the strategy of the company. So anyone who believes he/she has the skills and the necessary personality can choose this career, but with one condition: this career should not be perceived only as a trend. And when we say everyone we mean young graduates, those who actually want a change in the career, some mature experts and those who for some reason, their lives change (face medical problems and can no longer have a full time job with a fix schedule, those who want to work from home in order to raise a child or to take care of their older parents, those who retired from activity and want to remain active, those who are about to be fired, etc.).


Can I become an entrepreneur?”

The person who likes to easily take responsibilities, is sociable, can share very well their work time and can set priorities, can already see the best conditions with which to become an entrepreneur. Essential is also a high intrinsic motivation. Because only those who remain stubborn, ambitious, consistently, they will be able to achieve their goals. But no problem: in case of professional consulting, no one is left alone with this challenge. A whole team of advisors helps that from the original motivation, to do something new, to accomplish something.


How do I assure a living?

The step on becoming an entrepreneur is for many people a financial risk – and this is for good reason: until the income is good, it most often to go through difficult periods. In case of professional financial consultancy, there is no question of that. The transition to being a financial consultant may be tried, at first this job being a secondary one. Since it will be not used so much time for this secondary activity, the impression left with that business will be an even more powerful one. So those who carry out this activity as a secondary one they can test it, to see if this profession fits for them and in addition to adjust their income.


There are guarantees or fixed income?

The fixed income is established by each financial consultant, depending on the portfolio fees, that arise from work done by him.


Is the profession of Financial Consultant boring?

Many people have a wrong perception of this trade, living with the impression that a financial consultant is buried day by day in an office with calculations, analysis and reports. On the contrary, this job is very interactive, consisting of an operational work, communication and direct relationship with clients, the team that you belong, and with the managers involved in your initial training. As an extra you can add appointments with potential customers, because those working in this industry and want to increase their income they have to be always looking for new opportunities. Also, the various training sessions organized frequently by companies in the field cannot be boring, but very motivating.


How do they do to win customers?

Newcomers often consider that gaining customers is like a book with seven seals. But who is working systematically and structured, will enjoy very quickly the first successes. For financial consultants, no one is left in the first phase alone with this responsibility: there is support from the attendant. After the first steps, it will be automatically used the management of recommendations. If the customer is satisfied with the performance, he will recommend the financial advisor to friends and acquaintances.


For how long I want to be a Financial Consultant?

This aspect of the career of financial consultant is very important too. This question may arise even from the client you are trying to attract in your portfolio, because by choosing certain programs and services the person has to be sure that he/she will enjoy the professional advice on long term and if the answer is not a prompt one, the initial confidence of the client will be decreased. Therefore, the orientation towards a career in financial advice will pull up both a long term partnership with customers from the portfolio and also stable revenues from this activity.


My specialist skills in consultancy are enough?

In case of financial consultants, they do not go untrained in a discussion with the client. Consultancy, when it comes to financial questions, there is not a responsibility without liability. Precisely for this reason, new entrants in the first few months go along with an attendant when meeting with clients and only looking over their shoulder and help collect data for analysis. When you go to this activity as your primary one, learning curve is step by step. Consultants provide in this case education and training programs, from training on the sales both in industry and commerce, to master degrees.


The Financial Consultant career can be a start to a position of manager in a leading company in the field?

If we are to analyze all the qualities a financial consultant must have, surely these are the ones that a successful manager in a top company should have. As a manager you must have objectives that take into account both your own person and of those subordinated to you and if you already have the skills of the profession of financial advisor, everything will be much easier. Some of these qualities are: interest in people (advisers need to build relationships, which means more time invested to listen to customer concerns in order to ask personal questions), patience (advisers spend more time to synthesize and explain complex information to customers, such as those in finance and investment), responsibility (a consultant bears a heavy burden on his shoulders, being responsible for the financial wellness of the clients who trust investing their work of a lifetime in certain programs and services offered by the consultant). In conclusion, a manager who has experience in professional financial advice can be more professional than another who has worked in other areas for two main reasons: the first has an overview of an organization (systems, processes, peoples) and also has the thinking on company profitability.


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