No matter which of the product folders you hold in your hand ALL Life, ALL Invest, ALL Med or ALL ALL Casa, on each one you will be able to see on the right bottom the stamp with the words "exclusive product". But have you ever thought about what this means and where this exclusivity comes from? "Exclusive" means not only that we, KundenBroker, through our consultants and managers are the only ones on the market in Romania who have the right to offer these products, but it also means that they were created especially for us.


This need appeared due to the fact that in the last years after the opening of the borders, many banks have appeared on the market in Romania and many international insurers have introduced on the  market exactly the same products they have sold very successfully in other countries. The fact that the needs of the market in Romania are not exactly the same like those of Western European markets had been omitted. There, particularly before the crisis, the most popular products were the speculative ones, with great opportunities to win but in the same time with a high level of risk. On that markets people could afford to assume this risk since these products were seen as an additional investment, with great chances to make large additional earnings. This fact made sense because people have already invested in secure financial instruments, the money they need for retirement. Because of this reason, this capital investment is not such a big risk for customers, since they are insured anyway and that allows them the "luxury" to speculate. But in Romania the situation is different. People do not receive a sufficient pension from the State as well as they dont have sufficient private investements for the future. And exactly out of this reason it is not appropriate to promote the same products in Romania as in Western Europe.


In addition to the long term international experience that the Kunden Broker management has gathered  in the financial business, the results of the professional counseling achieved by our consultants and managers through identifying the potential customer's needs on the Romanian market have also gained a particular importance. Especially when new products are developed this is a critical issue. We want to develop new products to serve the interests of consumers and not just to satisfy the desire for new products! This is the reason why we are grateful to our experienced consultants for the feedback we receive from them after the discussions they had with the customers. All this information and experiences create the foundation for new products development and give us the opportunity to offer to Kunden Broker’s consultants a great competitive advantage, because we implement in our programs exactly the points that the customer wants and seeks.


But the whole experience is not enough if we don’t have a strong and fair basis for negotiation with the partners with whom we develop our products. This power of negociation is given to us by the leadership we have on the market, thanks to growing sales volumes and of course to the professional advices generated by our managers. We, the KundenBroker management, are very proud that we have the strongest partners on the market, leaders in this field, so we have the privilege to develop exclusive products for Kunden Broker. The evidences show very clearly what is the value and the position that the company KundenBroker achieved in the recent years and this is exactly what we want to further promote and develop! Good luck, together we achieve much more!


Registrul personalului propriu și Jurnalul asistenților în brokeraj al Kunden Broker de Asigurare S.R.L., publicat potrivit Normei nr. 19/2016 pentru modificarea şi completarea Normelor privind Registrul intermediarilor în asigurări şi/sau în reasigurări, puse în aplicare prin Ordinul preşedintelui Comisiei de Supraveghere a Asigurărilor nr. 10/2007. Detalii mai jos:


Registrul personalului propriu al brokerilor de asigurare și/sau reasigurare

Jurnalul asistenților în brokeraj persoane fizice

Jurnalul asistenților în brokeraj persoane juridice