Why choose Kunden Broker?

At the time of a purchasing decision, in case of insurance and financial products, the following two issues have extremely important significance for each customer: where to receive the best quality / price ratio and the best advice throughout the entire period of the contract. In the case of complex insurance products there are many customers who, because of the diversity of suppliers and big number of products are unable to make the best choice on their own. Precisely for this reason and particularly in this area, it is necessary to involve a broker for a neutral comparison of the suppliers on the market and their products in order to offer the optimum solution that satisfies the best the customer’s interest. This is precisely what we from KundenBroker set as our main goal.

The free choice of the partner and the product we can guarantee to our customers through our own independence. The decision regarding the selection of the intermediated products and contract partners is taken by the Kunden Broker managers, based on their experience and specific customer needs in Romania, in close collaboration with the company’s management, and in this case we choose each time for each insurance class partners from the top insurance companies on the market. Thereby, we are taking into account long-term benefits for the customers. We put on the first place the safety of the money invested by customers and potential future contracts.


The foundation strategy of KundenBroker is to generate continuing growth in the long term, growth that can be achieved only through satisfied customers,but also by the fact that our managers and consultants build their teams in a professional way and thus can replicate their results. But the successes and results can be guaranteed only when the company administration, our Headoffice, gives them the necessary support. And as the performance is shown through the successful development, the company brought out the work to complete the new office. Vanguardist through excellence, ,,the new home Kunden Broker " can be seen in the link below:




The KundenBroker Headoffice consists of a young, strong and dynamic team operating in a large space, modern, equipped with the latest equipment, thus ensuring the maintenance of quality standards of our services at the highest level of competence and professionalism.


Kunden Broker

Our strong market position, combined with the independence we have, gives us the opportunity to develop for our customers exclusive products with the largest insurance companies. The growth, steadily over 6 years, since the company KundenBroker was founded, brought us in the last years in the position of the market leader in life insurances (according the ASF report from 2010). As market leader we can introduce in our exclusive products the most advantageous conditions for our customers. Through our results and the growth that we had, we have shown in the last years that we are a very important sales force in Romania. After we managed to prove that we are able to intermediate a large volume of paid premiums, we established a negotiating position in Romania which is especially favorable for our customers, because we, through our supremacy on the market, can ensure the most advantageous conditions. As a proof of our excellent performance we clearly confirmed in the year 2010 this sensational result by becoming  the leaders of the market and we are proud that it was already written in the press and the media about our success (see link below).

These outstanding performances that we provide for our customers are valued and rewarded by the institutions dealing with the evaluation of customer satisfaction, business development and quality of advice, something which highlights the recognition of Kunden Broker as an important pillar on the brokerage market in Romania.