The optimum counseling of our clients

To understand the needs of our customers requires a lot of market research and analysis. The results of those provide us with the information needed to design solution oriented products which are developed with serious and profitable partners full of tradition. In the best interest of our customers we choose as partners only leaders on the financial market, to guarantee stability at the highest level. KundenBroker noticed that not only the information on the market is important prior to product development, but also the customer’s feedback after purchasing a product. This is why we installed a professional after sales support managed by an internal call center. Thus, we are not only identifying the needs of our customers better but we can also continuously improve the counseling quality of our consultants.


As follows we can present one of the most important market study realized at KundenBroker’s request, by the famous Institute of Market Research - IRES Cluj-Napoca, led by Mr. Vasile Dâncu. The key points of this study were: 1. Awareness on the market of the company Kunden Broker, 2.The way an insurance broker is seen on the market and what is expected of it, 3. The way that customer evaluates the performance offered by an insurance broker.


As you will notice, the results of this study bring us a big reward for the hard work submitted by the Kunden Broker consultants in the last years, because 9% of the Romanian population has heard of us and this we enjoy it even more since this knowledge was achieved without the involvement of the media through advertising on television or radio.


You will find more details by watching this study and also the interview of Mr. Vasile Dâncu on the PRO TV News.