The attractive career opportunity for our consultants and managers

The long term experience of KundenBroker’s top management has already been proven in practice and it was the basis for the development of an attractive career system. Professional fulfillment, which also represents the basis for our satisfaction in private life, cannot be achieved only by pure material incentives. Nowadays the development of the own personality through the job is more important and more wanted than ever. Motivation by responsibility! Kunden Broker was aware of this need of the consultants and managers and successfully applied it to the training plan. This training plan will be further developed by the best professionals of the branch according to market requirements and current legislation.


,,All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. " Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)

The equality between women and men in order of the development and assertion of their private life and public life is often impossible because of prejudices and gender discrimination. The discrimination manifests itself as sexism in socializing, education, family, school, daily life, work, public participation, financial resources, politics. The societies that create such practices are called patriarchal.


In Romania, the annual statistical data has recorded substantial differences between the situation of women and men, and the comparison of the data over time reveals that the economic differences between the situation of women and men have a tendency to increase. Despite the efforts for equality between women and men, in many areas the two genres do not enjoy the same benefits. These include employment, wages, access to politics and family-career balance.

Data from the past 50 years shows that collectively the percentage of the  number of women was averaged over 50%. If in the field labor at the end of 1999, women represented 46.2% of the total employment, which still shows a tendency to diminish the differences, there are numerous other studies that complement and nuance this picture. The salaries in sectors where the proportion of women represents majority  among the employees are lower than the salaries of men.

Recent data shows that contemporary Romanian society tends to focus on building relationships between men and women, both in the family and in public life, to a patriarchal model. For example, according to a report by the World Bank (WB) women in Romania are paid on average with 10% less than men for similar jobs for the same level of training - ,,in average a woman earns in the region 80 cents for every dollar that a man is paid. In Romania, the difference is 90 cents on the dollar. This is a problem because there are women with very good studies, but figures show that they work in areas where education is not enough paid" Carolina Sanchez Paramo, senior economist at the World Bank said in a video conference with journalists. (Article online: World Bank: Women in Romania, paid on average 10% less than men for similar jobs, Mediafax, 19/09/2011, Bucharest). According to World Bank report, which will be full published in October, globally the women represent globally 40% of the labor market, 43% of the workforce in agriculture and over 50% of all students.

Equality between women and men is a necessity to form a favorable environment for economic development in Romania. To capitalize these opportunities, both on short and long term, it has been adopted the law on equal opportunities between women and men, published in Official Gazette (Monitorul Oficial) no. 301 of 8 May 2002. The equality between women and men means taking into account the capabilities, needs and aspirations of different males, respectively women and their equal treatment. The measures which have been taken to respect the legal framework for promoting equality between women and men and to eliminate direct and indirect discrimination have been applied in the economic, educational, cultural and other business areas regulated by specific orders legislation.


Both in the western and Romanian framework  stands a type of action that promote the elimination of gender differences. This is called ,,affirmative action" and designates any institutional policy aimed to open traditionally areas dominated by men. The major argument ​​in favor of this affirmative action is: as long as reality produces inequality, affirmative action is necessary in order to recover the distances artificially created between women and men.  One of the benefits of affirmative action is that many companies, institutions, organizations have adopted explicitly the principle of equal opportunities in the internal structure. The insurance brokerage company- Kunden Broker de Asigurare SRL is one of the brand companies in Romania that introduced gender equality as a principle determinant in development of  a career in management and insurances. 

Kunden Broker as the leader in  life insurance brokerage, aims to create opportunities through which people regardless of gender, ethnicity, race and religious belief have the chance to undertake a successful career in the insurance sector in Romania. For this reason, the strategy of the company is based on gender equality, giving the same opportunities of professional development for both women and men.


In Kunden Broker the exchange of best practices and successful strategies is a priority in order to ensure a balanced representation of women and men in the decision-making of the company. Kunden Broker believes that equal opportunity is helping the financial advisers to project their goals toward a successful career, making them more pragmatic and efficient. Also, the affirmative action of the company Kunden Broker decreases the frequency of conflict situations, helping to increase adherence to the company and to maximize the performances of the financial advisors. In addition, creating a framework where the gender equality dominates is the correct way to ensure a healthy human resource management.


We are proud to meet the expectations of our customers through our clearly defined strategy, derived from our vision and from respecting our values: professional, solution oriented and consistent! Every day our consultants and managers are living the KundenBroker ideology, which is the basis for the customer’s satisfaction. The Kunden Broker brand will become increasingly important on the Romanian market. Be part of our success!